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Frequently Asked Questions

how far apart are your kids?

18 months

What is your best advice to new parents?

ignore the advice. Follow your gut, and don't be afraid to ask for help. We have ALL been there and it DOES get easier! 

Where are you from?

I (Steph) am from Alabama, while John is born and raised in Louisville Kentucky. We currently live in a rural area outside Louisville Kentucky. 

What marketing services do you offer?

As a professional Marketing Director with a graphics background, I offer website design, building, content calendar...any and all marketing materials and one-on-one direction! In addition to social media expertise 

What is your favorite destination?

So tough, but probably Isla Mujeres. We plan to take our daughters there for snorkeling and swimming with whale sharks.

What is yours and your husband's fitness background?

I played sports into my college days, short though they were, and became an avid fitness lover... then I was approached by Quest Nutrition to become an ambassador, and began powerlifting + working with other fitness brands! 

John played football in high school, was invited to World's for his weightlifting, was a walk-on at the University of Louisville where he earned a FULL athletic scholarship, was a special teams/O-Line starter and Capitan his last two years. So many amazing memories.

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