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Why date nights are important, even after marriage

The day to day gets heavy

Ladies, I’m going to level with you and tell you why date nights are important, even after marriage. It is a proven fact, a statistic, that taking the time for a date night is beneficial to your relationship. The day-to-day routine squeezes your time together with work, deadlines that have to be met so you come home and work, then your home-life routine kicks in – this only gets more tight if you have children. By the time they are in bed, you’re so worn out from bathtime-battles (because our kids never want to leave the water) that your own dinner sits cold on the stove, your clothes are wet, and it’s time to get your own hot shower just to relax enough for sleep.

Date nights are important, even after marriage so John and I planned a date night getaway to the city. For the first time in over two years, we were alone for an overnighter and it was magical. Staying at one of the most trendy and modern hotels around, 21C Hotel Cincinnati, and literally just sat in the suite for an hour relaxing in the quiet. Naturally we started missing the babies and looked through photos on our phones, LOL. One of the things that brought John and I together all the years ago before we were official was laughter. We genuinely LOVE to laugh. At ourselves, at the silly stupid things that nobody else would ever understand. So when we decided to turn on the tv, it definitely wasn’t going to be Sarah & Duck, but The Pink Panther with Steve Martin. Of course we started laughing and that began to take the edge off of missing our littles.

Naturally, I had several outfits to choose from because it was our first night out in so long, I wanted it to be special. I wanted to feel special and beautiful… most especially I wanted to be beautiful for my husband. (This is a whole other blog post in itself – how to keep him happy, wink wink). Date nights after marriage are so important for a woman’s state of mind and wellbeing – it is something special, to primp and prep for a night out. Although, getting ready with two littles underfoot (literally – Ivy does figure 8’s around my legs), in your makeup, and pulling your pants down just because she figured out how to do that recently. #MomLifeIsTheBestLife

I don’t think men truly understand how good it feels to us women to pamper ourselves, and for me personally: I love getting ready for an event or special occasion knowing my man is going to be staring at me. That is the thought in my mind every time I get ready for something. Anyone else out there like that?

Here are a few big reasons why date nights are important, especially after marriage:

  1. It keeps the romance alive. This is one of the main draws, initially, right? Attraction, romance, etc… Dating your spouse will rekindle that.

  2. It brings freshness and adventure to the marriage. Take turns choosing something that you both will enjoy, and try to make it something you’ve never done before!

  3. Dating your spouse creates intimacy. Intimacy is so much more than sex. Sure, your marriage intimacy is increased because of it , but that isn’t the basis for your relationship (or it shouldn’t be). Taking the time to date will ground you both at your core.

  4. It models a healthy marriage for your children. Did you know that the average child looks at their parent(s) more than 25 times a minute. They watch and learn and pick up things that we think they are unaware of. So teach your daughter the way a man should cherish her one day. Show your son the way a woman should respect him down the road.

  5. Its fun. Contrary to Hollywood and the stories we read, the fun doesn’t have to stop just because you are married. In face, I think it only continues to become more fun since you lose the inhibitions that held you back before.


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