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Homebody with a gypsy soul 

Mother Wander

Kentucky blogger sharing warm & whimsical moments in motherhood & homeschooling, while empowering SAHM’s to make money online w/100% profit from done-for-you digital products. 

This morning, I added a new item to my list of things I never thought I'd hear my kids say...

Walking down the stairs to the playroom, I ask "what are you listening to?"

My 6 yr. old, "Death music!" as she throws the rock symbol up in the air, slinging her long red hair, somehow playing heavy metal on the TV.

If you like real conversations, genuine marriage discussions, authentic travel journals and recommendations, romance novels, laughing so hard you no longer have sound coming out of your mouth, the smell of freshly cut grass... okay that last one is just for me...but you get the drift.

Yes, I'm the woman who had one too many margaritas in Mexico because the president stopped traffic for 4 hours, leaving all travelers stranded in an empty taxi line, next to the Tiki Bar, but don't let that stain your opinion of me. I'm an Alabama gal living in the countryside of Kentucky, homesteading, homeschooling, and truly living it up while watching our children learn.

Motherwander is where we do real. We do mistakes, we do second chances, we sing, we laugh, we love Jesus, and mostly we just learn through trial and error, loving each other through the hard seasons, cherishing every moment we have, whether it's at home, on our farm in Kentucky, or on a deserted beach. 


Welcome to my wanderlust

10 years ago I decided to quit my corporate fashion marketing job and start my own business. It was the best decision I ever made, allowing me to become not just one of Kentucky's best bloggers, but one of the top bloggers in the USA.

Working as a marketing and visual merchandiser for brands like Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, North Face, and more, when I was told I had two weeks to decide: was I moving to Vegas or staying in Kentucky?


Wanderlust is often sparked by stumbling upon a beautiful image of a distant place and adding it to your travel bucket list. If you’re interested in taking that dream trip, but need a little inspiration to pick which destination is right for you, we hope to inspire you to take the first step.


Let's be real: Pinterest can only fail us so many times until we actually learn that not every project or recipe will actually turn out how the photo says they will. Here in this space, we share real, budget-friendly DIY's that WILL turn out the same as ours!


In the social media age we live in, so much connection and depth has been lost. Too many times I hear from others how they long for a true relationship with like-minded people. We are so over surface friendships, and we welcome you to our circle of genuine emotion and connection :)

Would you like to...

My favorite parts of being a homeschool + DIY + travel blogger:


Overcoming challenges every day

Freedom to teach my kids one-on-one



Changes your perspective on life

No two days are the same


working out regularly

Learning to give more of myself daily


Confidence with every project I finish

working & teaching from any location


Making friends every place we visit

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Marco Island Resort,
a review

We had our first getaway without the kiddos and let me say: it. was. bliss.Want a getaway that has white sand beaches, plenty of activities, and is easy to get to? Let us introduce you to Marco Island, Florida. 


Prepared by: Steph
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