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Girls trip & why you need one

When it comes to planning a getaway or vacation in 2022, even the best girls’ weekend, destinations in secluded areas are the best way to enjoy some quality time with your friends without having to worry about remaining socially distant from the madding crowd. To give you some girls’ trip ideas for your own girls’ weekend getaway. So, whether you want some bachelorette party ideas, or you just want to escape into the great outdoors with your friends, keep reading, and get ready to enjoy an unforgettable girls’ weekend ideas away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The best girls’ trip 2022 is here today!

Best girls’ trip locations for wine tours in the sun

When you look at any list for the best girls’ trip locations, you would quite rightly expect to see at least one wine tour on there. Well, California has more than got you covered for the best places for girls’ trip ideas. From Napa to Sonoma, CA, the Californian wine train has well and truly left the station when it comes to finding the best wineries. In Sonoma, wine tours abound, as well as in Napa. What better way to enjoy girls’ getaway trips in the Golden State than with a tour along with the stunning vines of Napa, or by stopping off in your favorite Sonoma wineries? An extended stop-off in the Sonoma Valley is the least you and your friends deserve after a tough year.

Discover the best things to do in Key West on your girls’ getaway, 2022

In Key West, activities that get you away from the crowds are easy to come by. This is the perfect place to spend a girls’ getaway for sun worshipers. Spend your girls’ weekend relaxing on the golden sand, relaxing close to your accommodation which, let’s face it, deserves to be among the best places to stay in Key West, Florida, for the perfect escape from the day-to-day. The beauty of staying somewhere like this is that there are still plenty of things to do in Key West should you want to head into town. From your first day on a Key West beach to the final sunset, Key West is sure to give you and your friends the relaxing vacation you’ve been hoping for since last year.

Plan a girls’ weekend getaway from Austin, Texas

With so many fun things to do in Austin, Texas, you’d be forgiven for wanting to just stay in the city and get involved with the live music and BBQ spots to eat at. However, when it comes to weekend getaways, from Austin you can head out into the stunning great outdoors that is so unique to Texas. Once you head out of Austin, getaways to Texas Hill Country are so easy to plan. Less than 90 minutes drive from the city, you’ll find yourself surrounded by the rolling, empty plains and countryside, easily one of the best girls’ trip destinations for a group looking to disconnect for a long weekend.

Go glamping: Upstate New York Getaways 2022

If your girls are adventurous, there’s nothing like going clamping. Upstate New York offers plenty of opportunities for you to enjoy nature and the best outdoor destinations for clamping. Lake George is one of them, visit this destination for fun water activities, hiking, horseback riding, swimming, and more!


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